what is one to do with a mile of continuous rope? how’s an art installation for appropriate. fortunately, this summer the salt lake art center opened its arms – beckoning a slew of locals to try theirs hands in a lawn sculpture competition. for my entry, it was just that – an exercise in the will of the hands.

what transpired was a development of process, or process and material driven conception. the somewhat grueling act of weaving stubborn rope evoked a primordial sensation conjuring the joy and struggle associated with the act of creation that beings and experienced from the beginning. i would say that the act of creation (or physical ‘making’) is much more intrinsic to living beings than we give credit. birds, bees, humans – all share a penchant for creating basic tools and shelters. this penchant, or natural trait, is what i wanted to embody with my lawn sculpture – basic vessels (i’m calling the piece ‘vessels enmesh’) that serve fundamental functions, in which the beauty of an object, i believe, is transcendent through the joy of the process.