Project: Industrial Design for Public Spaces | Graduate Project

For: AUT University | Completion Date: August, 2011


Located primarily in urban parks and plazas, this lightweight and durable street furniture piece can be easily moved and flipped allowing residents of the city to create personalized furniture arrangements in public spaces. The movable nature of The Buttress allows for an infinite variety of compositions – only limited by confines of the public space and the imagination of its users. The Buttress is constructed using rotational molding technology with medium density polyethylene, reinforced by two small internal steel profiles, and pigmented in a variety of colors to suit the environment in which they inhabit.

PubObNex_HubontheHarbourThe Hub on the Harbour is a street furniture collection created in response to the sedentary lifestyle that most office workers endure. This collection provides highly functional work stations along public outdoor spaces that temporarily alleviate the routine of a typical office day. The core of this street furniture concept is based on supporting varied upright ergonomic positions for brief work encounters and activity in the outdoors. The hand railing was chosen as the subject of design intervention because, not only does it support altered ergonomic standing positions, railings are also often located at the edge of urban environs where the draw to gather and enjoy a little piece of nature already exists.