VoyageVendor_carsVertical_BSmall_FLOWDIAG_finalFINAL_HeroGraphicPROJECT: Car Sharing Service Concept for Nissan and Designboom’s “Think Outside the Parking Box” Competition

STATUS: Short-Listed for Final Round of Competition Judging

DATE: October, 2009



Voyage Vendor is a car sharing service that offers a series of custom Nissan Qashqai models built to accommodate a variety of driving experiences. Customers of this service have access to not one, but eight different Qashqai models, each tailored to a different automobile experience.


The service is situated on a building’s ground level and showcased through a dispencing showroom. At the conclusion of the voyage, customers return the vehicle to the rear of the service where vehicles are advanced back into the showroom with the aid of a large mechanical conveyor belt.